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Gas Safe Scotland
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High Efficiency Boilers

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Gas Safe (Commercial) Ltd
1 Foy Gardens,
Lanarkshire ML4 3GF

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Reg. No. 215007

Gas Safe Scotland
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Gas Safe (Commercial) Limited - SC394111 - Gas Safe Reg. No. 215007 - Green Deal Registration No. NAPI23467

Gas Safe Scotland in association with SOLARCORP can offer you a professional service to carry out property assessments and produce EPCs ( Energy Performance Certificates) and Green Deal Reports for your domestic properties.

All work is carried out by well Experienced, qualified and accredited professionals. So if you are applying for HEEPS Loan or HEEPS cash back rebate scheme then we can carry out the necessary assessments and guide you through the whole process.

We have a large number of satisfied customers whom we have helped with their HEEPS loan and cash back journeys.

If you would like to have an EPC or Green Deal done for your domestic property then please contact us for immediate response.